Nancy Silverton’s Baking Slab for Made In Cookware Is Back in Stock | Food & Wine – Food & Wine

Nancy Silverton’s Baking Slab for Made In Cookware Is Back in Stock | Food & Wine – Food & Wine

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The key to a successful cookware collaboration relies on multiple factors: a trusted name, a product of unique value, and something that actually lives up to the hype. That’s precisely how you’d describe Made In’s partnership with legendary chef and baker Nancy Silverton. The collection, which started with a bread knife, most recently culminated in a bakeware set and baking slab that are every bit precise in practicality as they are stunning in style; the baking slab even sold out in  6 hours upon launch. 

Having been sent the baking slab for review by Made In, I’ve found that it really lives up to the hype. Although I was initially skeptical about how practical a porcelain baking slab really is in an average kitchen (especially a space-limited one like my studio), I’ve realized its value lies in its statement-making presentation when you bring it out of the oven. I’ve made focaccia, brownies, and a strawberry lattice pie with the slab, and it has not only given me the crispest pastry and nicest edges, but also a priceless “wow” factor thanks to its stunning design and elegant blue rim. Now, the baking slab is back in stock after amassing a 3,000-person waitlist.

Made with pure French porcelain that’s thermal shock-resistant, naturally nonstick, and stays crisp-white, the baking slab evenly distributes heat from edge to center. I brought my focaccia from my fridge after its second proof right into the oven, and it was so well-baked throughout that the edges stayed so crispy, all my friends requested a piece. 

Silverton said the unique design of the baking slab is her favorite part about the product. “The design inspiration started as a vision of a dish I wanted that really didn’t exist on the market,” she said. “From the large surface area to the unique handles, the baking slab is one of a kind.” 

“It’s ideal for anyone who spends time baking or tinkering with new recipes,” she added when asked why a home cook who owns a baking pan needs this additional baking slab. “Sheet pans and baking pans are much more limiting—they don’t usually have the ability to go from freezer to oven to table like high-quality French porcelain does. Plus, baking sheets don’t look nearly as pretty on the table as this baking slab does.” 

Silverton said the large flat surface of the slab also allows lots of “endless room for creativity and recipe experimentation,” and I can’t agree more: I even used the baking slab as my charcuterie board on a hosting emergency. It becomes “the real centerpiece of a dinner party,” as Made In co-founder Jake Kalick described it. 

“I think shoppers were drawn to this product because it’s something they don’t own yet but looks so timeless,” echoed Kalick’s co-founder Chip Malt. “It’s not a gimmick. It’s a great example of our product development ethos: We partner with the best chefs in the world to help design and concept our products, then bring them to life with the best craftsmen. This product is the epitome of that process—an …….