Nellie Melba Is a Gorgeous Retro Van Inspired by a Famous Soprano – autoevolution

Nellie Melba Is a Gorgeous Retro Van Inspired by a Famous Soprano – autoevolution

A delicate, dainty van in pastel shades of peachy pink might not be some folks’ idea of camping, but that’s the beauty of the van life concept – there’s something for everybody, from outrageously-luxurious motorhomes that put five-star hotel room to shame to the most rugged off-road beasts that can take on any challenge.

This beautiful retro van has a niche of its own. With enough room for only two people, Nellie Melba looks like a great choice for couples who want to keep it simple and enjoy a romantic getaway. Its poetic name (and colors) are inspired by the Australian soprano with the same name, as well as by the famous Peach Melba dessert.

The dainty Nellie is not to have, but to rent, as one of the many eye-catching vehicles available at Camplify. Launched in 2015, this peer-to-peer van sharing platform has become the largest of its kind in Australia. In this relatively short time, it’s even become a global community, connecting van owners from New Zeeland, Spain, and the UK, apart from the ones in Australia.

The Camplify concept was born out of an intriguing observation. The company’s CEO and founder, Justin Hales, noticed that many campers were just sitting around in neighborhoods, barely being used. Instead of that, he encouraged local owners to share them with others and gain an extra source of income in the process. Today, thousands of “van-trepreneurs” are part of this fun-loving community.

Just like the beloved soprano, Nellie is a prima donna with delicate features and an elegant interior. If it looks familiar, that’s because of the 1976 Volkswagen Kombi chassis with a 5-speed manual transmission. What better choice for a retro-style romantic camper than the ultimate “hippie van?”

Also known as the Microbus, Kombi is one of the symbols of the 60s’ music festivals and one of the most iconic minivans of all time. Even though the electric I.D. Buzz, first presented in 2017, is set to pave the way for a new generation of zero-emissions campers, the classic design of the Kombi will always be associated with a vintage spirit.

The 16-foot (4.88 meters) long and 10.2-foot (3.1 meters) high van reveals a cozy interior that seems to match the Kombi’s nostalgic look.

Inside the bespoke kitchen, guests can find a mini bar fridge and a freezer, a small sink, a coffee machine, plus cutlery and plates. There’s also a basic pantry and a bbq. The bed for two may be small, but it looks comfy, with linen included. In terms of entertainment, the options are equally vintage – other than a Blue Tooth stereo, guests can have fun with board games and books.

Mood lights help create the proper atmosphere, in addition to the reading lights. Its generous windows come with black-out blinds, and the right temperature is created through reverse cycle air conditioning and heating – this energy-efficient system absorbs the outside air and cools it or heats it by using refrigerant gas.

But no matter how cozy a van may be, the main point is to enjoy the outdoors – so, Nellie also comes with a camping table and chairs, plus a …….


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