Netatmo Carbon Monoxide Detector: it is very easy to be calm at home – Central Valley Business Journal

Netatmo Carbon Monoxide Detector: it is very easy to be calm at home – Central Valley Business Journal

With hyper-simple setup and configuration and ten years of battery life, this gadget can literally save your life.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible, non-irritating gas that can be emitted by improperly installed or dysfunctional combustion appliances, such as a fireplace, a gas stove, or a furnace. Every year in Spain, about 100 people die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

The solution is as simple as installing a carbon monoxide detector; The model that Neatmo has just introduced, called the Intelligent Carbon Monoxide Detector, has passed through the Gadget Lab.

Installation and configuration

You only need to adjust the element that is used to fix it to the wall or ceiling, a round module that, when turned, also acts as a switch. Then, it is paired with the mobile using the Home + Security app and, after a few simple steps, you don’t have to do anything else (it also has a web application for Mac and PC). In total, 5 minutes wrongly counted. Well, you do have to carry out one more step, verifying that the system is active and alert; To do this, just press the central button of the device and, if it is active and alert, it will emit a siren-noise that will be the same that it generates when it detects a dangerous level of carbon monoxide. It is recommended to carry out this check at least once a year.

In any case, the detector has an LED on the front that lights up once every minute; if it is green, everything is correct. In turn, it has a Self-test functionality, which controls the status of the carbon monoxide sensor, the battery and the WiFi connection.


As we say, this Neatmo detector does not need more attention than described. It measures the rate of carbon monoxide in real time in the room of the house where it is located. Logically, the company encourages the installation of a unit in each room. In the event of detection, it alerts users with an 85 dB alarm. In this situation, what the specialists recommend is to leave the home immediately and notify the emergencies. Whether you’re within or thousands of miles away, the Netatmo detector sends a notification to paired smartphones.

European standards

The Netatmo Carbon Monoxide Detector is regulated according to European standards. It has the CE certificate (EN 50291) and the NF certificate, reserved for products that guarantee the highest safety standards.

Useful life and autonomy of 10 years

Experts on these issues recommend replacing any carbon monoxide detector after 10 years, as its hazard identification system deteriorates over time. In the specific case of the Netatmo model, it has a useful life of, effectively, 10 years, a period during which it is not necessary to change or charge its integrated battery. In fact, when it reaches the end of that period, it sends a notification to the mobile to warn of it.

The Netatmo Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector does not have extra costs, subscriptions or home automation control unit to manage its …….


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