Our Skin Starts Thinning at Age 25—These Are the 3 Basic Products an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Recommends to Increase Elasticity – Well+Good

Our Skin Starts Thinning at Age 25—These Are the 3 Basic Products an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Recommends to Increase Elasticity – Well+Good

Getting older comes with a ton of perks, including, but not limited to: better understanding your wants and needs, and being able to eat pie for breakfast whenever you want. But, alas, around the time we hit about age 25, there’s one physical function that stops working as well as when we’re younger. “In our mid-to-late 20s, our body’s own collagen production starts to slow down, which causes our skin to lose elasticity—this explains the tightness [in your skin] you see and feel when you are younger,” says Mindy Simpson, DNP, FNP-C, an aesthetic nurse practitioner at SkinSpirit. Thankfully, there are ways you can help keep your skin plump and promote elasticity. Below, Simpson shares the basic anti-aging products everyone should keep in their arsenal.

“My top three basic products for prevention of aging throughout your whole life are: retinol at night, vitamin C in the morning, and sunscreen. These three are a must,” says Simpson. “All other products are an added benefit to your regular regimen.” Personally, Simpson is a fan of Alastin’s TriHex technology, which they use in some of their medical-grade products. “[It] helps your body break down old collagen and get rid of it easier in order to grow new, young collagen,” she explains.

Still aren’t entirely clear on what collagen is and does, watch this quick video: 

If you are ready to take your routine to the next level, in addition to products, treatments and procedures can also help with collagen production. Simpson recommends Sculptra, and says that everyone—even in your 20s—can be a candidate. “An easy and more visual way to think about it is to think of your skin like a piece of medical gauze. As we get older, that gauze starts to fall apart, separate, and thin. Sculptra is injected into that skin and helps that gauze (collagen) piece itself back together so it’s thick, strong, and not separated. Sculptra will thicken the skin, smoothing it out and making it more youthful,” she explains. (While it can take a few weeks to see noticeable results, I can confirm that it’s wholly worth it.)

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Above all, though, Simpson stresses that consistency is what leads to the best results. “I like to remind patients that there is never a ‘one and done’ when it comes to anti-aging,” Simpson says. “Good products, regular Botox, along with Sculptra and other fillers, as well as skin treatment such as micropenning and lasers are all going to work together and hit different areas of the skin to help improve and slow the aging process,” Simpson says.

The basic anti-aging products you need to get started with your routine


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