Phil’s formula tattoo is still a talking point – The Guardian

Phil’s formula tattoo is still a talking point – The Guardian

Re getting a tattoo later in life, my twin brother, Phil, a gifted physics teacher, got one of the formula for Newton’s law of universal of gravitation after his 70th birthday (‘It is a celebration of my body!’ Meet the people who had their first tattoo after 60, 14 December). Phil unfortunately died this year, and his tattoo – F = -GmM/r2 – was written on his coffin and is now on stickers on our family cars. It remains a talking point and a way to remember a loved one and his wish to teach others.
Robert Towers
Unthank, Cumbria

As a pupil at a girls’ secondary modern in the 1960s, my memories of home economics lessons are somewhat different from those of Jennifer Kennerley (Letters, 13 December). We learned how to lay out a nice tea tray and how to make lots of cakes, with a whole term on a Christmas cake, including handmade icing roses. All lovely, but a life tool? Not so much.
Roz Treadway
Sheringham, Norfolk

The compiler of your quick crossword (14 December) may “thrum” their guitar, but I strum mine. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong?
Richard Percy
Newburgh, Lancashire

To get guests to leave (Your niece is suddenly vegan! How to survive the 12 disasters of Christmas, 14 December), my 105-year-old great aunt would simply say: “Well, dears, that’s been a lovely visit.”
Gerard Hastings
Céret, France

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