Protect your new gadgets with these tips – Yahoo News

Protect your new gadgets with these tips – Yahoo News

Lifestyle expert Anna De Souza shares her tips and tricks to protect your tech in the new year.

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Silicone AirPods Case

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Video Transcript

ANNA DE SOUZA: You got the hookup this holiday season, but how are you protecting your newest tech? These highly rated accessories will guarantee your gadgets stay in tip-top shape for years to come.


Lucky enough to find a laptop under the tree? Well, this hard shell case is stylish and slim, so it won’t add extra weight. It features two rows of ventilation for heat disbursement. Plus, it comes with a matching keyboard cover to protect against those inevitable spills. And with over 28,000 positive reviews and under $20, with 40 colors to choose from, you can even afford to swap it out seasonally.

I’ve been using this highly rated case for over a year, guys, and honestly, it’s the best $8 purchase I’ve ever made. There’s no added bulk, but it easily absorbs shocks from bumps and drops. And it comes with a clip so you can attach it to your purse or your backpack. And with dozens of colors, including glow in the dark options, you seriously can’t go wrong.

One of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your phone is protecting your speakers from accumulated dust that can lead to distorted-sounding calls and more. These mesh stickers discreetly add a layer of prevention from debris, and they work with most phones and [INAUDIBLE].

If you were gifted the video game console of the year, you’ll want to keep it looking like new. This sleek carrying case was designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch [INAUDIBLE] console, with an upper pocket that’s big enough to fit extra controllers, cables, games and other accessories. The shell is water-resistant, and this soft lining and microfiber screen cover keeps your device free from scratches. With over 44,000 positive reviews, we’re not playing around when we say this is an awesome choice.

If you got a car this holiday season, congrats. You can keep tabs on your shiny new ride with Bouncie, a GPS car tracker that goes beyond reminding you of where you parked. It actually offers accident notifications, route history, speed monitoring, even geozone notifications when the vehicle enters or leaves a specific area. Bouncie also includes maintenance alerts for things like oil changes and tire rotation. And at $8 a month, it’s nearly 70% more cost-effective than other competitors on the market.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it here again. If I could tile my entire life, I definitely would. This four-pack of Tile Mate Essentials includes three varieties of trackers that attach to all of the most frequently searched for things in your house, like your wallet, keys, remote controls, kids’ toys, and so much more. And I also love that any of the tiles can make your …….