Psychedelics are the Key to Addressing Mental Health Crisis, Expert Says – Schaeffers Research

Psychedelics are the Key to Addressing Mental Health Crisis, Expert Says – Schaeffers Research

The psychedelic stock sector is beginning to boom, with legalization efforts initiated worldwide for a variety of different alternative medical treatments from this category. Investors want to know more about the psychedelic stock investment opportunities from industry-leading experts.

Today, we chatted with Zach Lomis, Partner at Palo Santo. Palo Santo is focused on tackling the growing global mental health crisis by investing in innovative psychedelic-based and adjacent therapies that are poised to shape the future of psychiatry and fields beyond. 

Schaeffer’s: Why are psychedelics so important to addressing the global mental health crisis? And why do you feel they have been overlooked until now?

Zach Lomis: As the number of people afflicted by mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, addiction and PTSD continues to metastasize and surge globally, demonstrated by a 13% increase over the last decade, it’s become abundantly clear that the current standard of care has proven to be largely ineffective.

There’s been minimal innovation in the mental health space over the last 30 years, and for conventional medicines and treatments, costs are high, side effects can be severe (and can lead to worsened conditions), patients are relapsing at alarming rates, and a disproportionately low number of people are finding actual, sustained relief. Psychedelic medicine, in contrast, shows real promise at helping people with mental health conditions, as extensive research demonstrates much improved efficacy, higher cure rates, and longer-lasting, transformative relief.

Despite the appreciably higher safety and lower toxicity profiles that psychedelic treatments have demonstrated, they’ve been largely overlooked due to misguided government decisions, ignited by the famed “War on Drugs”. In the 1950s and 60s, the government manipulated and miscommunicated the true intent and purpose of promising preliminary research despite conducting similar research of their own on psychedelic compounds at the very same time un benounced to the public.

Ultimately a few social & recreational psychedelic applications were misinterpreted as a means to justify discounting and demonizing the potential of psychedelics. Psychedelics can help people break down mental barriers and question long-held notions and societal norms, and for government and religious authority figures, they pose a threat to their control and power over people.

Misconceptions have been widely promulgated by powers that be, and unfortunately internalized by masses of people. But now, people are waking up, and research around psychedelics is very promising and simply can’t be ignored. These therapeutic treatments are poised to revolutionize mental health and the broader biotech ecosystem as we know it.

Schaeffer’s: What sparked your passion for the psychedelic medicine industry?


Zach Lomis: My story is quite personal but unfortunately not uncommon. One of the most important people in my life passed away due to unnecessary health complications directly related to opioids. In trying to figure out how I wanted to carry on their legacy, work through what will always be my deepest wound, and find true meaning, I took a comprehensive look at the global mental health crisis and the opioid epidemic in specific, and made it my mission to foster innovation, clinical research, and mainstream acceptance in the way we handle mental health …….


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