Pursue your passions with an IIE degree in Graphic Design at Vega – Alberton Record

Pursue your passions with an IIE degree in Graphic Design at Vega – Alberton Record

A career in graphic design can unlock a world of opportunities, placing designers in the driver’s seat of creative brand design and visual communication. The industry is ever-changing, so those who see the world through a creative lens need to stay abreast of the latest developments.

“The role of a graphic designer has shifted over time beyond designing innovative solutions. Graphic designers need to be flexible, well-rounded and creatively differentiated individuals capable of working within this rapidly evolving discipline.” says Christiaan Graaff, Programme Navigator: Graphic Design at Vega School (a brand of The Independent Institute of Education – The IIE).

For this reason, here are five career tips graphic designers entering the workforce should know to stay on top of their game.

  1. Apply creative thinking and be curious

 Designers are known for their out-of-the-box ideas. By adopting strategic thinking, designers can develop visually innovative ways of producing concepts and apply complex problem-solving to overcome business challenges with creative flair. Never be afraid to try out new ideas and always be eager to learn something new.

  1. Be versatile and flexible

 Today, graphic designers need to be versatile and flexible due to the ever-changing nature of the discipline. Designers need to understand how to design for different media such as print, motion and screen by using the latest software and technologies.

  1. Be a team player

 Make sure you can work collaboratively with other team members of the same discipline and other disciplines. In today’s world, the ability to work with others is a very important skill, whether it is in person or virtually. Make sure that you can demonstrate this ability to your future employer or on your first job.

  1. Be entrepreneurial and think ‘strategy’

 The world is full of potential and opportunities. You can start out on your own as a designer or team up with others who are looking for opportunities. You can also make use of freelance opportunities that knows no borders. To remain competitive in the market, designers need to understand users to produce design work that not only delight but also persuade.

  1. Care for people and the planet

 Your work can also make a difference to society and the environment. Make sure you understand the world you plan to design for and the people in this world. Learn how to research the different audiences you are going to design for.

The IIE offers imaginative thinkers, eager to grow their skills, a rich and rewarding visual design education.

The IIE’s Vega provides a strong starting point for designers that covers essential and advanced insights. These are derived from its uniquely curated and highly stimulating degree format. Whether it’s receiving training on the latest design software or designing for print or digital, the IIE’s Vega equips designers with the knowledge and resources they need to pursue their dreams. 

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