Review: A Peloton Alternative that Won’t Break the Bank? We Tried Three to Find the Best – Architectural Digest

Review: A Peloton Alternative that Won’t Break the Bank? We Tried Three to Find the Best – Architectural Digest

The MYX II Fitness Bike is about as close as you can get to a Peloton bike in appearance and performance. In fact, mine even included white-glove delivery, and the technician who set it up was committed to making sure that he answered all of my questions—how to adjust the seat’s height and depth, how to use the dual side pedals, among others. The bike is available in either black or white (I chose black). Although I’m usually on my treadmill, this is the stationary bike that I currently use when I’m sitting down to exercise. Did I mention that it looks really good and makes quite the first impression with visitors? And, honestly, how it looks is often the most important feature to those of us who write for Clever.

As far as functionality is concerned, MYX takes this just as seriously—the bike is one of the ergonomic dozen products recommended by experts for proper alignment and spine health. For maximum effectiveness, I needed to enter some health details on the touch screen, and the algorithm used that information to create an individualized training program with personalized heart rate zones.

The bike has a 21.5″ touchscreen that swivels, and I can adjust both the height and depth of the seat and handlebars. However, the bike also has some neat features that you won’t find on a Peloton Base Bike. For example, I didn’t need to purchase cycling shoes because the bike has dual-purpose pedals with oversized cages on one side and SPD-compatible clips on the other side. And there’s more. For example, this bike has a smaller footprint, a higher weight capacity (350 pounds), and even a higher flywheel weight than Peloton. 

Now let’s talk cost. A base Peloton bike costs $1,495 without any additions or subscriptions, and the MYX bike isn’t significantly less expensive at $1,399. Like Peloton, it does require a monthly membership fee, but it’s also cheaper ($29 per month for MYX vs. $39 per month for Peloton). The class membership provides access to hundreds of different types of workouts, including dance cardio, Pilates, and kettlebells.

MYX Fitness / MYX II Plus Connected Home Fitness Studio (Medium Weights, Deep Charcoal)

Other Peloton alternatives:

If these three bikes are still too expensive for your budget, these are some other alternatives under $300 that you might want to peruse. Selected based on price, features, and user ratings.

Urevo Exercise Bike, $210, has a pulse sensor to monitor your heart rate, and it can also track calories, distance, and time.

Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary, Urevo Exercise Bike for Home Gym Cardio Bike Fitness Training Bike With Comfortable Seat Cushion, Silent Belt Drive Floor Mat

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike, $150, only weighs 39 pounds, and you can fold it up and put into storage when not in use.

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