Sammy Farha Reportedly Involved in a Physical Fight at Houston Poker Room –

Sammy Farha Reportedly Involved in a Physical Fight at Houston Poker Room –

December 11, 2021Jon SofenChad Holloway

It appears that Sammy Farha lost another heads-up match, but this time it wasn’t against Chris Moneymaker. The old-school grinder was reportedly involved in a physical altercation Thursday night at Legends Poker Room in Houston, Texas, and it doesn’t sound like he won.

Rumors of the incident started on the A Prominent Houston Poker Live Facebook page Thursday evening.

Legends Dealer Spills the Beans

PokerNews reached out to a dealer from the card room who witnessed much of the scuffle.

According to our source, a former dealer at Legends who goes by the name “AJ,” although others in the Facebook group have referred to him as “MJ” and “Amjad,” had a longstanding feud with Farha. He said the dispute originated at Johnny Chan’s 88 Social poker room, where AJ previously dealt.

Farha supposedly got AJ fired from 88, a nearby poker club that is currently closed.

On Thursday, that feud took a turn for the worse when AJ had enough of Farha lipping off. Per our source, he slapped the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event runner-up on the cheek and then shoved him into the wall screaming, “I’m from Detroit, b***h, we don’t play around.”

Management and other players stepped in between them in an attempt to break up the fight. Both fighters then lunged at each other before AJ apparently smacked Farha across the face. They were both asked to leave the club.

“The truth is AJ got himself fired (from 88 Social) for mouthing off to Sammy, even though Sammy was being a douche as always,” the Legends dealer claims.

A second source told PokerNews: “I was told that Farha and the dealer had a verbal altercation some weeks ago. The dealer was fired because of it. He showed up that day to play and when Farha saw him he said that it was a problem for him to be there. The dealer heard what was said by Farha and confronted him. Words were exchanged and he slapped him. Farha ran behind the floor guy and said something else and the guy tried to smack him again, but didn’t get a clean shot. I also heard that all dealers stood and applauded when it happened.”

December 10, 2021 image outside Legends Poker Room courtesy of A Prominent Houston Poker Live Facebook group.

Sympathy for the Dealer?

While Farha seemed to get the worst of the exchange, many in the Facebook group believe he got what he deserved and sided with AJ.

“He is despised everywhere,” one dealer told PokerNews. “He is not liked by dealers anywhere.”

A GoFundMe was even started with the goal of raising $20,000 to assist AJ with legal fees that may spring from the incident. The GoFundMe included a still from a rumored video of the incident.

The description reads: “Lost …….