Schools and churches offer mental health resources post-tornado – News 40 –

Schools and churches offer mental health resources post-tornado – News 40 –

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – After Saturday’s tornadoes, the community has rallied to take care of people’s physical needs. But what about the mental health of our community?

Warren County Public Schools may no longer have classes until the end of the year, but they’re not done supporting their students in 2021. 

The schools are providing mental health services for students and their families following last week’s deadly tornadoes. 

Director of Student Services Todd Hazel said, “This has taken a toll on everyone, mentally, physically, so we not only want to serve those physical needs, but those mental needs as well.” 

Hazel said they have already seen children shown fear and signs of anxiety triggered by this week’s rain and wind.

“That’s why we’re here now for our staff, for our students. We’re not going to wait two weeks until we come back. It’s today.”

Along with school counseling, folks can also turn to spiritual and emotional care.

Billy Graham Rapid Response team chaplains drove from around the nation to Bowling Green hours after the storm wrecked havoc. Their calling?

“Just share the love of Jesus Christ, and listen to their stories,” replied chaplain coordinator Cathy Nordgaarden. “In order for them to come out of the depths of confusion and shock, they need somebody to listen to them.”

Both organizations are here in Bowling Green and out in the community, and they want people to know they’re only one phone call away. 

“In the midst of this storm, they may be able to take the next step,” said Nordgaarden. “It’s not that they’re going to be able to completely come out of it and be well, and healthy and move on into any kind of normalcy in their life. But, they are able to just know when somebody cares and loves them.”

By visiting the Warren County Public School’s mental health page, people can quickly sign up to speak with the school district’s mental health counselors or counselors from the 15 outside agencies helping out.

The Billy Graham chaplains are currently at the First Baptist Church located at 621 E 12th Avenue, Bowling Green.



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