Solar outdoor lighting: light independent of a socket from 10 euros – Market Research Telecast

Solar outdoor lighting: light independent of a socket from 10 euros – Market Research Telecast

Lamps with solar panels and rechargeable batteries are inexpensive and also work away from the power grid without complex cabling. Despite the low prices and easy assembly, there are a few things to watch out for here. If you want to avoid bad purchases and frustration, you should think carefully in advance what is needed.


The lights must be waterproof for outdoor use. These are also inexpensive lamps, but there are great differences in quality when it comes to seals and workmanship. Experience has shown that if you expose the lamp to direct rain and snow, you should dig a little deeper into your pocket, as cheap lamps are often not properly sealed and accordingly break quickly.


The solar panel belonging to the lamps charges the battery when there is enough light and thus ensures a permanent power supply far away from the socket. In order for the power supply to work reliably in practice, the panel must be strong enough and receive enough sunlight. Thanks to improved efficiency, the panels are now sufficiently compact to be integrated directly into the lamp housing. However, the design dictates how the lamp should be mounted. This is okay with decorative lights, but more flexible solutions are required for illuminating terraces, carports and the like.

If the lamp is to provide light in a shady place, lamps with an external panel are suitable. If a flexibly adjustable panel placed on the lamp is not enough, you can use one Model with one supply line between solar module and lamp. These lines are usually two to five meters long, which is sufficient in practice.

In addition to simple panels, there are also Lamps with several solar modules. These enable an even more efficient light yield and can extend the time in which electricity is produced. Such multiple modules are usually used with powerful lamps with large batteries.


Most solar lamps work with efficient LEDs that are brilliantly bright and still consume little electricity. The sometimes more than a hundred individual LEDs are equipped with a large reflector or several or many individual reflectors, depending on the model. In practice, a shared reflector means a long range with a narrow beam of light. Lamps with several reflectors are more suitable for even, large-area illumination.

Some solar emitters are equipped with two, three or more separate lighting elements. This enables more even illumination when the lamp is hanging on the corner of a building.

If the solar light should not only provide visual accents, but also well-lit surfaces, the luminosity of the lamps must be sufficiently strong. …….


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