Steal These Use Cases: 2021’s Technology Wins in the Enterprise – InformationWeek

Steal These Use Cases: 2021’s Technology Wins in the Enterprise – InformationWeek

New technologies and tools are often at their best when they are poised for release. They have been tested and vetted internally, and they offer unlimited potential for enterprises who implement them.

But the implementations are the real tests. Will the technologies work as promised? Will they provide more insights, save workers’ time, save resources, enable revenue generation? How will these technologies actually benefit the IT department, the CIO, and the enterprise itself? Are they worth the investment of time and money?

It’s always helpful to look at how other companies implemented a technology to learn from their victories and their mistakes.

Another benefit of reading about how other organizations implemented a particular technology or tool is that you may have a very different use case where that same technology could be put to work. A great way to get an edge over your competition is to steal a use case from another industry that hasn’t yet been used by you or your competitors and apply it in a new way to benefit your organization.

With these lessons in mind, we’ve collected some of the many use cases, case studies, and CIO/IT leader interviews from the past year. Here you will learn about the benefits of low code, data analytics, microservices, cloud scalability, AIOps, RPA, cybersecurity, network modernization, and more. These lessons aren’t in some tech company’s beta lab. They are real world implementations from your peers across a number of industries. As you get ready to head into 2022, a new year with new challenges, get ready by reading these experiences.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Why Fiserv Turned to Microservices for API Development

Open source, cloud-based architecture helped the fintech company cut costs and address developer talent demands.

How Evite Used Cloud Scalability to Match Its Elasticity

Evite CEO discusses how the social planning site made the most of the cloud at the onset of the pandemic and the eventual resurgence of in-person interaction.

Why Tribeca Games Went Virtual with Parsec

The introduction of a virtual showcase of video games at the Tribeca Festival meant finding a way to make game demos playable for a global audience.

University CIO Modernizes Networking Infrastructure

The University of Texas Arlington sought an AI-enabled Wi-Fi platform to improve student experience. The project came in the middle of a total IT overhaul.

AT&T Communications CTO Legg on Transforming a Telecom Giant

Nearly one year after taking on his current post, Jeremy Legg talks about leveraging the cloud and transformation at the mobile and broadband company.

Formula One, NFL, and NHL Work on Their Hustle with AWS

Panel of major league sports at the AWS Summit Online discussed how they use machine learning to crunch fast-paced data into digestible content.

Why SMC Leveraged Dell Technologies to Go Hybrid Cloud

Global manufacturer opts for a unifying platform rather than a ‘Frankenstein’ approach to its digital transformation.

Asante CIO Discusses Transforming with Cloud and Telehealth

Health …….