Subtle tips and tricks to spruce up your home this summer – Lithgow Mercury

Subtle tips and tricks to spruce up your home this summer – Lithgow Mercury

Summer nights are generally characterised by the sights and sounds that may be most common to my fellow countrymen: crickets chirping, magpies singing, and the unmistakable whirring of the ceiling fan spinning lazily above your head as you sit inside, shielding yourself from the onslaught of mosquitoes that undoubtedly emerge as the sun begins to set.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like sitting on your verandah on a warm summer night, but doing so may also attract some wholly unwelcome insect invaders. That’s why it’s generally ideal to have summery interiors during these months of warm weather, just to ensure that those long evenings stay firmly free of bugs and summer storms.

But how do you spruce up your home to suit this singular season? Here are some of the most popular summertime décor swap overs as named by Aussie homeowners.

Pretty up your flooring

Summer is actually the perfect time to revisit the design scheme of your shared living spaces, starting from the ground up.

Of course, we’re talking about your floor coverings. Rugs made with natural materials like jute and bamboo have become increasingly popular amongst Aussie homeowners due to their sustainable production as well as the fact that they perfectly complement the look and feel of this season.

The burnt yellows and oranges of jute or seagrass floor coverings will provide your summer-inspired interiors with a nice, earthy foundation upon which you can build interiors that adhere to a range of different interior design styles.

If you’re a fan of the Hamptons coastal style of interior design and are looking to bring timber furniture into your interior spaces, you can use your natural rugs to help arrange heavier wooden pieces in a fashion that will keep your flooring safe from scratches or scuff marks.

Freshen up your window coverings

As the days grow longer, chances are that your home will be bathed in startling displays of natural light at both sunrise and sunset. Both dawn and dusk tend to be absolute showstoppers in these Aussie summer months, so you’ll want to ensure that your interior spaces have as much access to natural light as possible.

This can be achieved by swapping out your heavier winter curtains and drapes for sheer curtains or even for timber blinds to allow light to filter through in a truly striking and dynamic fashion.

Suppose you’re worried about sun exposure causing damage to books, device screens, clothing, and other belongings that you keep firmly indoors. In that case, you may decide to invest in some versatile sunscreen blinds to ensure that your home still maintains full access to natural light without having to worry about dealing with excess heat or harsh rays.

Swapping out your window coverings for more energy-efficient alternatives which help keep your home naturally lit or even naturally insulated, may also help to reduce your home’s overall carbon footprint as well as cutting your utility bills in half along the way too!

Revisit your colour scheme

As mentioned earlier, this season comes with a really unique colour scheme that’s largely characterised by its use of …….


wooden blinds