TAGE Idriver and China Mobile sign strategic 5G autonomous mining cooperation agreement – International Mining

TAGE Idriver and China Mobile sign strategic 5G autonomous mining cooperation agreement – International Mining

On December 27, leading Chinese autonomous mining truck technology solutions provider TAGE Idriver and telecomms giant China Mobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement, wherein the two sides will adhere to the principles of “equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, resource sharing and win-win cooperation,” in the areas of market development, products and solutions, DICT integrated delivery and industrial ecological construction.

Based on their respective advantages, the two sides will jointly create 5G network based smart mine unmanned transportation application products and solutions, plus will carry out joint research and jointly develop key technologies. China Mobile provides 5G networks, mobile cloud, edge computing, high-precision positioning and other technologies. TAGE Idriver provides a one-stop driverless transportation system covering perception fusion, intelligent collaboration, planning and control, joint simulation and cloud scheduling. “By providing complementary technologies to each other, the two sides will work together to enhance the reliability and market acceptance of their products and solutions.”

In terms of project delivery, based on the above technical exchanges and cooperation, the two sides will jointly explore the further advancement of unmanned mining transport vehicles, plus mining machinery remote control areas such as standardised operation interfaces, process systems and overall delivery, and will jointly build a sustainable DICT cooperative operation model. In the future, the two sides will complete replicatable integrated delivery cooperation approaches and provide support for project sites.

TAGE Idriver has been cooperating with China Mobile since 2019 and they have to date jointly created eight open-pit unmanned application projects. The first project of cooperation between the two sides – the Baotou Iron Mine Truck Unmanned Transportation System Research and Application Project was China’s first open pit driverless mining truck transportation system based on a 5G network, and achieved the world’s first 5G+ intelligent mine unmanned test operation, the partner say thereby “setting a benchmark for intelligent mining construction worldwide.”

In April 2021, TAGE IDriver, China Mobile, Huawei and another eight partners set up an “Intelligent Unmanned Mining Industry Promotion Alliance” at the 16th Ordos International Coal & Energy Industry Expo. In November, TAGE Idriver was awarded the “Excellent Ecological Partner Award of the China Mobile 5G Smart Mine Alliance,” further indicating the close cooperation between the two sides.

Source: https://im-mining.com/2021/12/30/tage-idriver-china-mobile-sign-strategic-5g-autonomous-mining-cooperation-agreement/

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