Team Kick-Off Strategies to Launch in 2022 –

Team Kick-Off Strategies to Launch in 2022 –

Being a leader of a team, regardless of how big or small, requires that you create an environment for success for all agents by creating a business plan and implementing strategies for 2022 that will make it your best year yet.

Plan a half-day or full-day team business planning meeting. Have your mortgage and title affiliates or partners participate as well. Hold a breakfast, lunch or dinner afterward as a team building component to allow for fun and socializing. The event should have an agenda and perhaps host several speakers to help facilitate the meeting. Provide agents with their production and income reports for the year, as well as last year’s numbers. Also provide them with a 2022 business plan document so they can set goals for income, listings, sales, lead generation, time management, social media, video and accountability.

Your team business planning document should include the following:

ROI Review of 2021:
Where did their business come from? Help them see the return on investment for their time and financial expense. This will help them determine what worked and brought actual sales and what didn’t work. Help them to realize they may have spent their precious sales hours on the wrong things that didn’t bring income.  Help them make the necessary adjustments to change behaviors that didn’t work and help them create new habits and behaviors that will increase their sales and income.

Sphere of Influence Plan:
Help your agents realize the untapped potential of working their sphere. What new methods can they implement to engage their sphere in person, online, by mail, by email and at client appreciate events. Help them develop a monthly plan for generating referrals and repeat business from their client lists. They should contact their sphere at least twice a month.

Income-Increase Goals:
Have them set goals that are realistic but also big. Help your agents see their potential to achieve 100% or 200% growth. Your agents will be inspired to reach for dream goals that, once achieved, can dramatically change their lives. Have them set “must make,” “would like to make” and “would love to make” financial goals, and help them see how many sales they would need to close to achieve that financial goal.

Work/Life Balance Goal Setting:
It is so vitally important that your agents have work/life balance. Incentivize this by allowing them to set goals for personal relationships, travel, health, hobbies and dreams. Professional and financial goals are important, but are only a means to an end.  Being a healthy person—mentally, spiritually, physically and financially—are all important. Help your agents work smarter, not harder.

Social and Video Marketing:
Include a social media and video marketing campaign in the business plan for next year.  Help your agents learn how to engage more on social media and use video to brand and promote themselves to their social connections, but also to their sphere and clients.

Time Management and Intention:
Share a time management system with your team to help them see the benefits of managing their time more efficiently. Using a time blocking system will help them maximize their prospecting hours and allow them to …….


Time management