The 20 Best Parkas for Every Guy’s Budget – msnNOW

The 20 Best Parkas for Every Guy’s Budget – msnNOW

When it comes to great winter coats, nothing beats a parka. Parkas are the quintessential cold-weather piece of outerwear because they are meant to keep you both warm—often with fur, faux fur, or fleece lining—and dry with water-resistant materials. It’s the kind of coat you put on when you can’t get away with a lightweight down jacket anymore. It’s what you’ll wear out in a blizzard, to the driveway to shovel snow, or in any other extended period of time spent outside in the winter.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best parka. First, consider this a winter clothing item worth investing in. There are some items of clothes that deserve high-quality construction, and a winter coat is not the place you want to cut corners on. Get one good one, in a color you’ll always like, and you won’t have to purchase again for a minute. Unless you decide you prefer options, of course.

It’s also important to pay attention to length and layers. There are parkas that have shorter hemlines, and hit around the start of your pants if you like’em shorter. But many will hit mid-thigh or lower, which gives you more coverage. You can also look for parka jackets that have removable layers to make it more flexible to your varying jacket needs.

Here, we rounded up the best parkas for men on the market right now. They’re warm, they’re protective, and they’ll eliminate any question of what coat to wear when it’s cold and snowing.

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