The bad cleaning habits you need to break in the new year – and why you must stop accumulating your kids’ d… – The US Sun

The bad cleaning habits you need to break in the new year – and why you must stop accumulating your kids’ d… – The US Sun

THE new year signals a fresh start and a time to evaluate your habits.

One woman said a useful New Year’s resolution involves stepping up your cleaning routine.


When it comes to cleaning your home, implementing small changes can help you lead a more organized life.Credit: TikTok/Neat Caroline


@Neat.Caroline has gained a following online thanks to her home hacksCredit: TikTok/Neat Caroline

Organization expert and TikTok staple @neat.caroline shared four cleaning habits you should kick next year and what you should do instead.


The first piece of advice she gave targeted the clutter in your home:

“The kids artwork,” she began.

“If you have tons of artwork that is just scattered all over your house, there are places like Artkive or Plum Print that will turn all of that artwork into a coffee table book.”


Bad habit number two was one that we’ve heard time and time again: failing to make the bed in the morning.

“If there’s only one thing that you do for your home every single day, make it this habit.”

Experts have said that this small step can set your day on a productive track.

Caroline added that it will make your home look “instantly neater and will inspire you to keep the rest of your home that way.”


Her third piece of advice was for all those people who reserve cleaning for only one or two days a week.

Instead, make it a daily habit.

“I’m not saying you have to spend hours each day cleaning,” she began.

“I’m saying that if you spend five minutes each and every day doing one task for your home, then you’ll save yourself the trouble of spending hours at a time cleaning up your house and feeling exhausted.”

Some easy tasks that she said you could spread across different days were: vacuuming a couple of rooms, doing one load of laundry, or wiping down the counters.


Her final piece of advice: stop wearing shoes in the house!

If you take them off before entering your home, she said, “you’ll just have a lot less dirt and germs and grime to deal with.”

This tip will let you cut back on how much you have to mop and vacuum too.   

Implementing these four changes can help you start the new year on a squeaky clean foot!


Her adorable cat made an appearance in the clipCredit: TikTok/Neat Caroline

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