The blooming great garden trends set to take seed in 2022 – The Sydney Morning Herald

The blooming great garden trends set to take seed in 2022 – The Sydney Morning Herald

Curves will also feature in the use of round pavers of different sizes, instead of square or rectangular ones, which would add a “mid-century vibe” to gardens.

“Mid-century – it’s really become a buzzword like ‘Hamptons’,” Mr Bradbury said.

Textural and water efficient plants

Given the bushfires which hit areas around Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra in 2020, and the constant threat of climate change, plants that don’t need a lot of water are expected to be chic next year.

Succulents, which don’t use a lot of water, will be popular in gardens in 2022.Credit:iStock

Succulents, which need very little water, look set to be popular. And hedges with lilly pillies, which are popular now, will continue to be so in 2022, as will hardy rainforest trees. Muted colours are also expected to become a big feature of gardens next year.

Leaf, Stone, Water’s landscape designer and garden stylist Brian Fuller said variegated plants (those with multi-colours and different leaf shapes) would continue to be popular.

“I think people realise flowering plants are harder work, and they need more water,” the Sydney-based landscape designer said.

“If there is a flowering plant, there doesn’t have to be a whole lot of them.”

Plunge pools

Pools have become so popular during COVID-19 that some people have been waiting up to 12 months to have one installed.

“Pools in general are hot property,” Mr Bradbury said. “But they are mini size and plunge pools – small pools are being used where there’s not a lot of space.”

Plunge pools and pools with curved edges will continue to be popular in 2022.Credit:iStock

In keeping with the curved trend, pools with rounded edges will be particularly in demand, as will those with infinity edges, which overlook the landscape or water.

“People understand the beauty of plunge pools to cool down,” Bates Landscape owner and designer Michael Bates said.

Natural materials including using natural stones and timber

Issues with the supply of building materials during the pandemic have seen a rise in the use of more natural alternatives, which also happen to be longer wearing. Natural stone and timbers have become particularly in vogue in gardens across the country.

Natural stone will be in vogue in 2022.Credit:iStock

Natural stone including basalt, limestone and granite will be used in gardens as both features and even as paving next year, as would the use of cobblestones, Mr Bradbury said.

“Limestone, that grey colour, is really being used a lot. Timber hasn’t really ever gone out of fashion, and it’s a really soft, natural look for fences and screens.”

Veggie and herb gardens

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