The Eco-Fashion Label TIJN Looks To Conquer Fast-Fashion Through Influencer Marketing – Forbes

The Eco-Fashion Label TIJN Looks To Conquer Fast-Fashion Through Influencer Marketing – Forbes

TIJN vegan leather handbag.


With an array of fast-fashion online, few sustainable brands can have a global reach, conversely on a mission to support local creatives. Trends are rooted in the lives of creatives of all kinds, and it’s this notion that amplifies TIJN’s [pronounced “Tine”] mission as an accessible, trend-driven, eco-conscious accessory brand.

Life is art for the TIJN label, and art is enjoyable every day, for generations. This is the foundation of the TIJN brand aesthetic. The trend-driven sustainable fashion label and Influencer incubator aren’t shy about their efforts to be efficient. Honing the craft of talented DJs, painters, and musicians, and multidisciplinary artists, TIJN found a way to speak to the consciousness of Gen Z, and the pragmatism of Millennials.

TIJN faux fur, vegan leather handbag, and faux fur shoe.


By focusing on bringing a variety of sustainably made fashion accessories, TIJN collaborates with Influencers from all over the globe, creating products and experiences catered to their crafts. TIJN has committed to supporting cultural diversity and sustainability in the fashion market, making sustainable fashion accessible to consumers.

“We stand for equal rights by fully supporting artists around the world, no matter where they were born, where they live, or what language they speak,” a statement from TIJN expresses. TIJN has a roster of collaborators who have made their lanes within their crafts and developed culturally diverse campaigns like the most recent eyewear campaign. TIJN’s eco-friendly eyewear collection materials originate from plants, recyclable, and other biodegradable materials, paired with a shortlist of different creatives to develop a product or an experience.

TIJN eyewear collection.


Chris Luno, Melodic House DJ, producer, and YouTuber based in Berlin, worked with TIJN to create the Pool Party House Mix out on the YouTube video platform. Luno, a Media Management major, would start his career interning for a DJ duo and ultimately creating his sound. He would create a YouTube channel where he would display his vinyl collection and DJ mixing. As part of a collaboration with TIJN eyewear, Luno brought the eclectic sounds to a global audience.

Musician Ando San from the United States would receive significant support for his 2021 EP titled “Intuition” from the TIJN label. San was already a customer when TIJN eyewear would reach out to work together. In an organic partnership, TIJN executive produced the “Intuition” musical project by Ando San. The “Prog-Hop” musician caught TIJN’s eye back in 2019 and was able to put out the project after a tough 2020, inspiring their efforts and the music.  

Stephanie Avalos shows off her TIJN eyewear in Ludovica style, in a “maple syrup” hue.

Courtesy of Stephanie Avalos (IG: @stephieavalos)

TIJN has collaborated with Russian painter and visual artist Kseniya Rain since 2017 while still a smaller brand and with a smaller following. The two have grown together since, and this summer has produced a limited edition eyewear case with a TIJN tote bag, part of the eyewear collaboration. 



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