Timberwolves videographer Josh Englert can do it all – ClutchPoints

Timberwolves videographer Josh Englert can do it all – ClutchPoints

The NBA is filled with several amazing players. Every position is loaded with some great talent, but there are talented people on the outside looking in. People that are reporting, recording, and calling the game from the sidelines. Just like Josh Englert, who is a freelance videographer for the Minnesota Timberwolves players.

He got his start with forward/guard Josh Okogie. He took photos of Okogie and sent them to him and ended up getting a gig. Not just with Okogie, but with a few other players.

“I can basically do any video,” Englert said. ” Music video, workout videos, company promotion videos, pretty much anything.”

He’s pretty much the jack of all trades when it comes down to video work in general. His first professional client was actually former Minnesota Lynx guard, Aerial Powers. Which led to Josh Okogie, who hired him to do his content. From there, Malik Beasley and Jared Vanderbilt reached out to him to do video work as well.

Josh’s dream and passion started ever since he was a little kid messing with his iPods and making movies on them. “Since elementary school, I’ve always loved doing videos. I played sports my whole life, so I loved to film myself playing basketball on my driveway and making edits of it. I watched a lot of basketball and I wanted to replicate how they NBA recorded their videos.”

Englert started from the bottom, turning a childhood hobby into an awesome job with the Timberwolves. He credits the NBA’s camera crews for helping him create his own style. From how they do certain zoom functions and transitions. When asked about how he developed his passion for making videos his answer was pretty simple.

“I just started recording things. I don’t know where it really came from, but I just liked to make videos and be creative that way.”

Englert taught himself on how to do things he wanted to do to just from YouTube alone. Now that is just talent and hard work!

Check out his Instagram and twitter pages. Hit this link to listen to my interview with Josh Englert and find out more about his back story!

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