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Time management tips for online learners – mtltimes.ca

With so much of the world shifting to online learning due to the result of COVID-19, a lot of students struggled with this new kind of education. As easy as it may sound to some to study from the comfort of your home, it can be quite difficult. There is often a severe lack of motivation and students miss the physical interaction that they get in a classroom. One of the biggest challenges with online learning is that of time management. So, even though now a lot of colleges and universities are open again, it is very important for every student to learn how to manage their time when studying online.

Five time management tips for online learners

1.   Plan ahead

One of the best things you can do to manage your time properly is to create a schedule for the coming week or weeks. This isn’t a schedule of your classes and exams, as you probably already have that from your college. This is a schedule of how you’re going to tackle all the work. Mark different activities for each day, like starting an assignment, meeting with a professor, joining a group study session, etc. When you have such activities planned, you will know how to get each assignment done on time. Also, you will be able to plan your social activities in accordance with your studies.

2.   Get help

If the work becomes overwhelming and you cannot do it all by yourself, consider getting some professional help with some of your assignments. One way to do so is to use a top essay writing service to have your written assignments done. Getting this sort of assistance will ensure that you have plenty of freedom for other assignments and studying for your exams, etc.  The time that opens up because of this help can also be used to take a breather and just relax for a while because that is essential during online studies.

3.   Do one thing at a time

While many people think multitasking is the way to go, it can actually lead to lesser productivity and cause more stress. Always try to do one thing at a time and finish it before moving on to another task. One important tip is to focus on your most important task first, and then start the second most important one. Doing this will help you get your work done in an orderly fashion and submit it by the due date.

4.   Don’t get distracted

It is very easy for online students to get distracted while they are working on their computers and start browsing the internet instead. Try to stay focused on your tasks and avoid surfing the web while working. One good way to complete your tasks is to work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break to do something else. Once you complete four such sessions, take a 15-minute break as a reward. This is known as the Pomodoro Method and it ensures that you get your work done while also taking a short breather from time to time.

5.   Pat yourself on the back

Once you get some work done, take a break and enjoy a little. Reward …….

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