Tips to Switching Calendars Between Computer and Phone – Entrepreneur

Tips to Switching Calendars Between Computer and Phone – Entrepreneur

If you’re like most people these days, you’re incredibly busy. That said, having access to your calendar in multiple locations is one of the easiest ways to boost productivity and keep on track.

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So, what does this “switching” look like? Well, it means ensuring that what’s on your desktop calendar or to-do list syncs to your phone and tablet, too.

Since most people have access to at least one of these items at any given time in the day, it is a great way to always ensure you know what’s going on, where you have to be, and what you need to do.

Here are eight tips for creating a cohesive scheduling system between your computer and smartphone.

1. Choose a Program That Syncs to Both

Choosing a program that syncs to both is the first tip for switching calendars between your computer and phone.

For example, the Calendar app works seamlessly on your smartphone and desktop computer to update in real-time. Additionally, it offers time tracking features for better productivity.

Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, and Apple Calendar are also excellent options that offer this type of functionality.

If you have a team of employees to oversee, Hot Schedules and Deputy are two apps that also offer both desktop and smartphone access for better time management and productivity.

2. Know the Steps for Syncing Your Calendars

The next tip to consider is simply knowing the steps for syncing your calendars. In most apps, this takes place automatically every few minutes. However, you have to set this up first to ensure that it does.

How do you find out how to sync your calendar between your smartphone and computer? There are a few really great tutorials out there to do this, but it really depends on the app you’re using.

That said, the best advice is to look on your preferred calendar app’s website. Often, they’ll have a step-by-step guide for you to follow to ensure your schedule is syncing between platforms.

3. Remember to Use Your Synced Calendar

Of course, the most significant part of switching between desktop and smartphone calendars is actually remembering to use them.

In some cases, those looking for increased productivity find an app that works on their computer and phone. Then they forget to use it altogether, which pretty much defeats the whole purpose.

Instead, work to make it a habit to use your new synced calendar as often as possible. Set reminders or leave yourself notes to include this step as part of your daily routine.

After a few weeks, it should become second nature to add meetings, appointments, and tasks to your schedule this way.

4. Create Multiple Calendars for Different Needs

Another tip to help your productivity is to create multiple syncing calendars for different needs. Most scheduling programs allow you to at least have a business and a personal calendar.

But you might consider breaking down yours to add more for things like finance due dates, hobbies, school schedules, etc.



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