Top 10 Ways to Find Your Fitness Motivation – Inter Press Service

Top 10 Ways to Find Your Fitness Motivation – Inter Press Service

We all have that bucket list. What is in yours? Is it starting a business? Going on a trip to who knows where? Surfing perhaps? Or maybe taking the healthy lane? We make plans forever, and the sad news is that we are not getting any younger, making accomplishments even more complicated.

We are living in a century of junk food. It’s no lie that these meals with high carbs and fats are tasty, but they take us further away from well-being and shorten our lifespans. You probably can’t imagine getting to 100 years, but healthy living is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. From fitness to healthy diets, you may want to follow suit.

What if you started as soon as you thought about it? Your list of goals would probably be all-new, and the satisfaction that comes with it is indescribable. Do you know what could help you start now? Dealing with what you thought stopped you yesterday. Here is a list of excuses we like to use when we tell ourselves,’ I will start next year!’

1. I have no time now

We have time for everything, but not our health? Really? We have busy lifestyles, no doubt, even cooking a homemade meal may be a challenge. But you always find a way to share your time between your hobbies, family, work, and other obligations. So, you have time; just that fitness isn’t a priority.

What if you were paid to show up at the gym? We would all show up, even at odd hours. Think about it this way, staying healthy earns you more confidence in your everyday life, with the assurance that every obstacle that comes your way is surmountable because you will always find a solution. These are things you will learn from taking up fitness challenges.

2. I will start when I get a hold of my finances

You are probably thinking of a gym membership, but exercise doesn’t have to be costly. Get on with press-ups, sit-ups, or squats, which don’t require any investments unless for your time! Do you know how much it costs not to live healthily? We are talking about obesity, diabetes, and many other lifestyles diseases. Besides, buying healthy and fresh food nurtures you physically and mentally, and the satisfaction that comes with it is unmatched.

3. I don’t have the right gear

Having the right gear is essential for efficiency and comfort. But do you need everything at once? For instance, if you are running, the essential accessory is a nice pair of shoes. We all want to look good at our gyms just as our dinner dates. But even if you have a heart rate monitor, weight belt, music player, compression wear, and a gym towel, all from the best fitness brands, they are as good as having none if you don’t get up and do something. For now, start with stuff that meets efficacy and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With time, you can invest in comprehensive and special fitness equipment.

4. I’d be better off if I lost some weight first

If …….