Unveiled: The Brit List Designers of 2021 • Hotel Designs – Hotel Designs

Unveiled: The Brit List Designers of 2021 • Hotel Designs – Hotel Designs

Since 2017, The Brit List Awards has become Hotel Designs’ meaningful year-long search to find the designers, architects and hoteliers who are proving to be trendsetters on the international hotel design scene. In addition to the individual winners who were crowned at the awards ceremony in early November, the campaign also includes the unveiling of The Brit List, an annual publication that, from the shortlisted finalists, profiles the top 25 designers, top 25 architects and the top 25 hoteliers who are operating in Britain today. And every year, in December, we take time to profile the 75 individuals.

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To kickstart our editorial celebration of this year’s leading and most-influential designers, architects and hoteliers, please meet (in alphabetical order) The Brit List Designers of 2021…

Alan McVitty, Founder & CEO, M Studio London

Alan McVitty has worked within the interior design industry for more than 30 years and his portfolio reflects his distinctive, elegant style. The variety of projects, including the recently opened InterContinental Porto, which shelters a fresh interior design scheme, offer endless opportunities creatively, which McVitty and the team at M Studio London thrive on.

The cross over from high-end residential to luxury hotel and cruise ship projects, as well as a deep understanding around materiality, gives M Studio London the knowhow to layer the interiors in the brands’ hallmark understated style.

McVitty leads a team of multi-talented designers from the London studio.

Alex Kravetz, Principal & Creative Director, Alex Kravetz Design

With projects from the Middle East and Africa to Europe and the USA, Alex Kravetz is truly an international interior designer.

His clients range from private individuals to independent hotels and major global operators. The designer not only strives to create interiors that are both timeless and elegant, but through storytelling and brand creation looks at all aspects of the project to create a compelling and immersive narrative. For example, The Carlton hotel project had a very strong concept from the offset, based on the client and Kravetz’s shared vision and market positioning for the hotel. The designer and his team developed the story of The Carlton as a hip and progressive grand hotel in the heart of the city of music, re-joining the line-up of great, grand hotels in Katowice, Poland. Turning the traditional perception of a grand hotel on its head, The Carlton is a gravitating magnet yet also a paradox. A fusion of styles from both past and present, a juxtaposition of classical versus modernistic, the old versus the new. All of these paradoxes co-exist together at The Carlton, captivated through the movement of music. This vision for the hotel, was paramount to what Kravetz would do for the interiors and was woven into the brand narrative all the way through.

Beverley Bayes, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Sparcstudio

Beverley Bayes is a passionate designer, with a unique signature style that effortlessly blends form and function with informality and a …….

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