Vacation on wheels – Indulgexpress

Vacation on wheels – Indulgexpress

If there was one travel trend that started on a good note in 2021, it was caravans. These cosy chauffeur-driven RV (recreational vehicles) took travel lovers far and wide. Not surprisingly, Carvaa Travelers, a caravan rental start-up based in Delhi, had over 40 bookings in 2021 alone.

“Amidst the pandemic, travellers have become cautious of how and where they want to travel. Social distancing, ensuring proper sanitisation and hygiene HAVE become the key priority. Keeping this in mind, road trips have become an ideal choice for getaways,” says Jigyasu Joshi, the co-founder of Carvaa Travelers, who along with Himanshu Jangid, Yogesh Kumar and Pranav Sharma, launched the company. Their mutual love for wanderlust and exploration brought them together. 

The caravans typically come with 200 sq ft space. This has an area to sleep in, there are washroom(s), TV(s), and an overhead water tank. The amenities can be customised. Carvaa’s caravans are equipped with a kitchenette, utensils, drinking water, a washroom, camping tents, a portable music speaker, pillows and quilts, among other things.

Currently, their caravans have three slabs catering to three, five or eight passengers. The vehicles are Force Tempo Travellers. The most popular destinations currently are Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Coorg and Hampi (Karnataka).

The chauffeur takes care of some of the cleaning operations of the caravan, which include refilling the 180-litre water tank once in four days. With Luxe Camper, a trip can range anywhere between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000 for two adults per day. With Carvaa, the cost starts at Rs 5,500 per day (conditions apply). “We also have bookings from outside Delhi and we send our caravan to that state and charge the fuel cost,” says Joshi. 

Features galore

  • Wi-Fi, a 360-degree camera, GPS tracking, a speed governor and emergency exit for safety

  • Shower, a sleek awning with wind sensors, and a bicycle rack

  • Meals are usually cooked on the campsites. The campervan has an outdoor barbeque connection. MTR and ITC pre-cooked meal kits are available onboard

  • Wacation Wheels and Trippy Wheels are other brands that provide caravan rentals