Weight loss: Woman loses 7st by making one change to diet ‘The smallest I’ve ever been’ – Express

Weight loss: Woman loses 7st by making one change to diet ‘The smallest I’ve ever been’ – Express

The first couple of weeks of a new diet or weight loss plan can be the hardest, but when results start to show, many get a boost of motivation to carry on. But for anyone who feels they have plateaued or are in need of some inspiration to carry, Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Tejal Hewitt, who has lost 6st 7lbs stone and is documenting her journey from “fat’lete to athlete”. 

“I either change now or end up with serious health problems.

“From that point back in summer 2010 I made the decision to lose it for good. 

“It took one year and lost 5st 7lbs to 6st 4lbs by a very low calorie based diet – cut out most treats and alcohol all done via diet and not exercise. 

“I’ve kept most of the weight off with more yo-yo dieting but only 1st to 1st 4lbs still with eating a restricted calorie diet, which in turn did create a binge restrict cycle,” she explained. 

“Lo-Dough has helped me massively over the last year or so to shift the ‘lockdown’ pounds, as I gave me lower calorie alternatives to food staples and the pizza bases are so versatile and perfect lower calorie lunch.” 

She continued: “Over the last two years I’ve educated myself eating on a moderate deficit to lose weight and then maintain. 

“Calorie tracking and making healthier choices, limiting fried foods and having balanced meals. 

“No magic pill or plan was used, just a balanced flexible dieting approach.” 

Tejal also gave some advice for anyone else looking to lose weight. 

She commented: “I would say focus on the long term goal, slow and steady plan along with tracking calories making sure you are in a calorie deficit along with moving more. 

“Try to ensure you get enough protein in your diet and make some easy stops to food like switching regular fruit yogurt to fat free Greek with a high in protein, Lo-Dough pizza, and low calorie treats like Lo-Dough brownies and Low calorie ice creams. 

“I like big meals so load half the plate with veggies.

“Lastly I would stay consistent and keep your self accountable.” 

Tejal’s weight loss story has been supplied by Lo-Dough, the category-disrupting food-tech company. 

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/diets/1533238/Weight-loss-how-to-lose-weight-calorie-deficit-diet-fast-transformation-pictures

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