Where Are They Now? A Look At The Fates Of The 24 Cars I’ve Owned While Working At Jalopnik – Jalopnik

Where Are They Now? A Look At The Fates Of The 24 Cars I’ve Owned While Working At Jalopnik – Jalopnik

My 1948 Willys CJ-2A, dubbed Project Slow Devil after its broken “Go-Devil” engine, was a true barn find. It was as legit as a flatfender Jeep comes, having served on the farm since new, and sitting heavily-used out in rural Michigan.

My friend Brandon, truly one of the world’s most knowledgeable people when it comes to flatfender Jeeps, went out with me to take a look, and we both fell in love. The thing had rust problems, but most of the important bits were there, so I dropped $1,400 on the Willys and towed it home with my friend Michael’s truck.

The challenges that Slow Devil presented were incredible. Its transmission needed a full rebuild. Its engine needed a full rebuild (but we just honed the cylinders and installed new rings and bearings), the steering box needed a full rebuild, the carburetor needed a rebuild, and on and on.

In the end, I drove the Jeep 1,000 miles sitting with only a pillow shoved into a trashbag between my butt and the gas tank. Then the Jeep suffered an unpredictable engine failure that ended up being a sheared timing gear. After towing the Jeep to Moab the rest of the way, my colleague Freddy and I fixed the Jeep, and I off-roaded the ever-living crap out of it.

The machine remains to this day the most capable off-road vehicle I’ve ever owned. By far.

The Jeep also fell victim to the great City of Troy purge of 2020, though honestly, I’d planned on selling it anyway. I just wasn’t using it enough, and I had too many cars. I did flood the engine during one last epic off-road session prior to sale. I then foolishly allowed the water to remain in the engine and freeze over the winter.

Image: David Tracy

Eventually, the ice thawed, I drained the engine, and noticed a severe knock. So in the course of just a few hours, I yanked the motor, and extracted the crankshaft to be machined by a local shop. I slapped everything back together, and it ran great. I sold the Jeep for $3,000 to a gentleman named John out of Pennsylvania, who kindly towed my Kia to the scrapyard on the same day.

John recently had a few setbacks; his house caught fire, and while escaping, he sustained burns and also sustained serious injuries when he hit his foot on a wall. John told me his fire department arrived at the house, and once the crew determined that everyone was safe, one of the first things they did was hook straps up to the Willys they saw through the open garage doors. The fire was out at that point, but …….

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