Why We Love the Libbey All-Purpose Wine Glass – The New York Times

Why We Love the Libbey All-Purpose Wine Glass – The New York Times

For some, however, a broken glass equals money down the drain. But if a Libbey Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glass should break, you won’t be crestfallen. That’s because it’s relatively inexpensive, even though the thinness of the glass and its elegant stem would suggest otherwise. In our tests, the Libbey stood out among a crowded table of stemware because it showcased red and white wines well. This wine glass has a classic look that’s well suited to daily use as well as to more-formal occasions, like dinner parties.

Our pick

The Libbey has remained our favorite all-purpose wine glass since 2017. This wine glass stands out for its nicely balanced shape and surprising durability. In our tests, we found that the tulip-shaped bowl helped preserve the aroma of wine so it could be enjoyed longer. The 16-ounce volume is also suitable for nearly all styles of wines. And the Libbey’s thin lip feels more sophisticated than those on most other glasses in this price range, which tend to be thick and clunky. The Libbey wine glass is also dishwasher-safe.

In our durability tests, the Libbey wine glass survived every tumble onto a marble counter. However, like all of the wine glasses we tested, it didn’t survive a 3-foot drop onto a hardwood floor. Even so, after years of long-term testing these glasses in our own homes, we’ve broken very few of them.

Wine glasses can be very pricey, so the Libbey is a rare find that meets all of our requirements for around $10 per glass. We think this wine glass is best for people who entertain often, or who tend to drink wine that costs about $20 or less per bottle. In our tests we found that the Libbey wine glass doesn’t necessarily highlight the nuanced aromas and flavors of some pricier wines.

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