Woman transforms her boring bathroom from bleak to chic on just £2.20… – The US Sun

Woman transforms her boring bathroom from bleak to chic on just £2.20… – The US Sun

A THRIFTY DIY enthusiast transformed her parents’ bathroom from an out-dated, drab space into a chic modern haven.

The sink unit was spruced up with just £2.20 as she updated the white cabinets to a chic dark blue.


Kelli transformed the look of the bathroom using just a £2.20 sample pot of paintCredit: Tik Tok


Th cabinet looked chic and renewed in the navy/grey paintCredit: Tik Tok

Kelli Jarrell, the thrift and up-cycling fan, revamped the bathroom into a modern room while her parents were away.

Previously it had garish wallpaper and bleak-looking white cabinets.

The revamped style saw the doors of the sink unit cabinet go to a stylish deep/grey blue.

The popular TikTok has been viewed 13k times by thrifty DIY fans.

Kelli kept the costs down by painting the front of the unit using just a $3 (£2.20) sample pot of paint.

When asked by a viewer what paint she opted for, she replied: “Valspar Ocean Storm! I just used a paint sample but for the most durability use cabinet paint!”

Another viewer asked: “Do you have to sand it first or did you just paint over the white?”

To which the DIYer said: “Lightly sanded! I recommend priming and/or sanding! Always prime going dark to light!”

Fans of the transformation commented on how impressed they were by the change.


One person said: “Wow – what a big difference – looks great!”

Another said: “HUGE difference!! Good job.”


Kelli sanded down the cabinet before painting it with the Valspar paintCredit: Tik Tok

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