WoodSpoon Launches Catering Service to Provide Companies and Their Employees Authentic Home-Cooked Food Delivery – Yahoo Finance

WoodSpoon Launches Catering Service to Provide Companies and Their Employees Authentic Home-Cooked Food Delivery – Yahoo Finance

WoodSpoon now gives companies in NYC the option to provide employees and event attendees home-cooked meal options by local chefs as the workplace continues to reopen

New York, New York –News Direct– WoodSpoon

WoodSpoon, the only on-demand home-cooked delivery platform connecting local home chefs with customers, today unveils its new catering service. This catering service will provide companies in New York City a new solution for catering employee lunches and corporate events with home-cooked meal options made by culturally diverse home chefs.

WoodSpoon has been developing its catering service following a significant request from NYC-based companies looking for more authentic, community-based alternatives for feeding their employees as they continue to return to the office. Companies have also been utilizing the platform for catering special events in order to provide guests with more fulfilling and diverse food options. WoodSpoon’s platform is expected to play an increasingly prominent role in the corporate food ordering space as companies continue to develop strategies for motivating their employees with new food perks.

Prior to its official launch, WoodSpoon has already secured leading NYC companies as customers for its catering service, which include financial, technology and digital media companies as well as marketing, advertising and public relations agencies. As an example, Carbyne, the world’s only cloud native solution that unifies the flow of emergency life-saving information (Voice & Data) into one unified platform, currently uses WoodSpoon for company happy hour events.

“We chose to partner with WoodSpoon because they provide authentic, home-cooked, comfort food,” said Amir Elichi, Co-Founder and CEO of Carbyne. “We want our employees to feel comfortable as they return to the office and WoodSpoon’s home-cooked meals provide a personalized touch that you don’t get anywhere else.”

Companies that order through WoodSpoon are supporting local home chefs, many of whom are entrepreneurial and use WoodSpoon to at least partially supplement their income thanks to the platform’s ease-of-use. WoodSpoon gives them the tools they need to manage logistics for the ordering and delivery of their home-cooked meals without incurring steep operational costs. By supporting these home chefs, WoodSpoon customers are also helping strengthen local communities.

“As we continue to grow our services we look forward to partnering with brands looking for new catered lunch solutions as well as brands looking for event partnerships,” said Oren Saar, Co-Founder and CEO of WoodSpoon. “We look forward to our continued momentum in onboarding home chefs and providing as many people as we can with home-cooked meals.”

Over the past few months, WoodSpoon has closed a $14M funding round and expanded an initiative to provide Holocaust Survivors with free meals in NYC buroughs. Additionally, they have on-boarded over 200 home chefs to the platform and have acquired thousands of customers located in NYC who can order home-cooked meals for on-demand delivery or schedule ahead in advance. As online food ordering continues to dominate the food industry, WoodSpoon continues to see a demand for their community-based marketplace that empowers home chefs to share their culture and passion with others.

To learn more, please visit https://www.eatwoodspoon.com.


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